Southern California Vocal Association
Choral Festival Adjudicator Application

1. Provide choral adjudications (written and spoken) to school choirs at all levels in a fast, clear, and encouraging manner.
2. Adjudications will provide positive, meaningful feedback in all categories of the adjudication form.
3. Make specific and encouraging comments focused on promoting the choir's improvement.
4. Complete adjudications professionally, promptly, and as directed.

1. Select one video from List A and one from List B (below). Click on each title to view a PDF of the octavo.
2. Print one Adjudication Form for each choir.
3. Watch the videos you selected and fill out the adjudication form for each choir. IMPORTANT: Please write your phone number where it says "adjudicator name." Applicants' names are not used in the application evaluation process.
4. Each completed adjudication form will need to be scanned as a PDF and uploaded below.
5. While watching each video, record an audio MP3, M4A or WAV file with your verbal comments to the choir; both your comments and the music should be heard together. Many smartphones have a voice memo app which records in MP3, M4A or WAV format. IMPORTANT: At the beginning of each recording, please speak your phone number. Applicants' names are not used in the application evaluation process.
6. File naming protocol: Please use your phone number in the file name (ex: 8885551212_adjform1.pdf or 8885551212_comments2.mp3)
7. Upload all four files (two adjudication form PDFs, two audio files) below.
8. Upload a resume or CV of choral teaching experience. Your resume file name does not need to use your phone number as your resume will be viewed after the other materials have been screened.
IMPORTANT: - all of the uploaded file names must be unique.

Applications will be evaluated based on achievement of the objectives stated in the Adjudicator Job Description (above). Every effort will be made to inform applicants of their acceptance status within 30 days of receiving the application. Applications may be submitted at any time, but if you would like to adjudicate festivals in Spring 2023, your application must be received by November 30, 2022.

Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel -- (
Come to Me O My Love -- (

Homeward Bound -- (
Cantate Hodie -- (
Salmo 150 -- (

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